Goat milk and seafood feature prominently on the daily menu on the seventh season of this popular cooking variety series.

Set against the scenic backdrop of the remote island of Deungnyangdo, which is off the southern coast of South Korea, popular actors Lee Seo Jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyun Sang return to a remote island fishing village enjoy a slower pace of life as they figure out what to cook for their three meals a day. They also tend to a family of wild goats and deliver fresh goat milk to the elderly residents of Deukryang Island.

During this season, celebrity guests who arrive for dinner include Han Ji Min, Lee Je Hoon, Seolhyun, Lee Jong Suk and members of Shinhwa.

“Three Meals a Day: Seaside Ranch” is a 2017 South Korean reality show directed by Na Young Seok. It is the seventh installment of the popular variety show “Three Meals a Day,” which originally aired in 2014.

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Alternative Title: Three Meals a Day: Pasture by the Sea

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