Fermented Family (발효가족) | Fermentation Family / Kimchi Family

Family • Melodrama • Romance • Food

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Two sisters, Lee Kang San (Park Jin Hee) and Lee Woo Joo (Lee Min Young), find themselves taking over the management of their family's traditional kimchi restaurant, Chunjiin (Heaven, Earth and Man), when their father had left one day without their knowledge. Despite being a certified cook at a western restaurant, Kang San is uncertain of whether she would be able to handle the position at her family's restaurant, so she starts seeking the help of others. Appearing at their house one day is Ki Ho Tae (Song Il Gook), an orphan and a member of a crime syndicate who is frustrated and wishes to find out the truth about his childhood. Though he has an excellent palate when it comes to eating, he struggles to gain Kang San's trust after she had found out that he could not cook, despite her intention of hiring a chef.

Over time, the family and the people around them would gradually find love and warmth through the sharing of food and life experiences, as Ho Tae discovers the truth about his childhood, and rediscovers the missing pieces of his life.

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Alternative Titles: Fermentation Family / Kimchi Family


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