Can We Get Married? (우리가 결혼할 수 있을까)

Romance • Family

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The drama revolves around a mother who gets involved in her daughters' marriages which causes more harm than good.

Deul Ja (Lee Mi Sook) is a strong, meddling mother with daughters to marry off. She owns a cosmetics store and raises her two daughters on her own. She considers money the most valuable thing in the world — which makes her single-minded in the pursuit of prospective sons-in-law. Her own marriage experience was unhappy, so she’s set on making sure it’s different for her children. She marries off the elder daughter to a doctor, then turns her attention to the younger daughter, Hye Yoon (Jung So Min) but only to have the daughter reveal that she wants to marry an ordinary salaryman, Jung Hoon (Sung Joon).

(Source: KoreanDrama)

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