• Angel Eyes (엔젤 아이즈)

    Angel Eyes (엔젤 아이즈)

    A melodrama about a man and a woman who are each other’s first loves, but get separated when they were teenagers due to a painful family situation and meet again 12 years later. Yoon Soo Wan (Goo Hye Sun) is a legally blind woman who gets her vision back after receiving corneas transplantation in an operation and decides to embrace life with passion by becoming

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  • Beautiful Mind (뷰티풀 마인드)

    Beautiful Mind (뷰티풀 마인드)

    Hyeonseong Hospital is the best national hospital with the most advanced medical techniques. Although it is obvious that it is the safest place to be in the country, something mysterious is happening inside the hospital. What is the truth? Who is the criminal? Lee Yeong Oh (Jang Hyuk) is an elite neurosurgeon. He may win recognition from the patients but when he is alone, he

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  • Blood (블러드)

    Blood (블러드)

    Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) is the son of a vampire, who inherits the same abilities and desire for blood. Though he was initially terrified of his identity as a teenager, Ji Sang grows up embracing that side of him and becomes a surgeon. His hunger and craving for blood are suppressed with a special pill he takes before he goes in for an

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  • D-Day (디 데이)

    D-Day (디 데이)

    When a natural disaster strikes Seoul, a team of medical doctors and emergency personnel struggle to deal with its aftermath.

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  • Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예)

    Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예)

    This story tells of doctors stationed in the fictional war zone of Urk (Uruk), and follows the love story that develops between a surgeon (Song Hye Kyo) and a special forces officer (Song Joong Ki), both elite in their respective fields. The story will track both their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the value of life.

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  • Different Dreams (이몽)

    Different Dreams (이몽)

    Set in Kyungsung, while the country is under Japanese colonial rule, and Shanghai, China.Lee Young Jin (Lee Yo Won) is Korean, but she was raised by Japanese people. Lee Young Jin is now a surgeon, but she becomes an intelligence agent for the provisional government of Korea. She gets involved with turmoil during the Pacific War.

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  • Doctor Detective (닥터 탐정)

    A team of medical professionals uncover the truth behind industrial accidents and hold those responsible to account.

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  • Doctor John (의사요한)

    The story focuses on doctors whose specialty is pain management.

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  • Doctor Stranger (닥터 이방인)

    Doctor Stranger (닥터 이방인)

    The series will revolve around Park Hoon, a South Korean who was captured with his father and grows up in North Korea. He is trained to become a genius doctor, and though Park Hoon lands a job at the best South Korean hospital after defecting, he is treated as a foreigner. To find his lost North Korean first love, Song Jae Hee, he does anything

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  • Doctors (닥터스)

    Doctors (닥터스)

    Yoo Hye Jung was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. She had many scars from her childhood and through self-preservation, Hye Jung keeps her heart shut away from other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji Hong who plays a key role in transforming her life from a helpless gangster to a compassionate doctor.

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  • Emergency Couple (응급남녀)

    Emergency Couple (응급남녀)

    A romantic comedy about a couple who got married during medical school but due to their clashing personalities divorced soon afterward. They are reunited six years later as interns at a hospital. Will love strike again for the two?

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  • Golden Time (골든타임)

    Golden Time (골든타임)

    This drama is set within the backdrop of an emergency room at a hospital. The one hour you have to save a person’s life after a traumatic injury is what emergency physicians call "golden time". Lee Min Woo (Lee Sun Gyun) learns this all too quickly as he starts work as an emergency physician at an urban hospital. Kang Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) is

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  • Good Doctor (굿 닥터)

    Park Shi Ohn (Joo Won) has an autistic disorder and savant syndrome. Although he has the mentality of a 10-year-old, he has an amazing ability of 3D visualization of the human anatomy and memory of everything he reads. His ability gives him exceptional skills as a pediatrician specialist however due to discrimination by society, he has to overcome all these to succeed. He was also

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  • It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

    It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

    Jang Jae Yul (Jo In Sung) is a mystery writer and radio DJ. He suffers from an obsession. He then meets a psychiatrist named Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin).

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  • Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미, 힐미)

    Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미, 힐미)

    A romantic comedy between a third-generation billionaire (Ji Sung) with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident (Hwang Jung Eum) who treats him secretly.

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  • Kingdom (킹덤)

    Kingdom (킹덤)

    The Crown Prince of Joseon (Joo Ji Hoon) investigates a mysterious epidemic disease and uncovers a cruel truth which threatens the country.

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  • Life (라이프)

    Life (라이프)

    This series examines the hospital as a breeding ground for misuse of power. It is a place of conflicting interests and clashing egos. The doctors have the power to save lives, but the board has the power to kill doctors. In a building supposedly dedicated to the public’s health, it’s the personal vendettas that fuel people to get up in the morning.

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  • Medical Top Team (메디컬 탑팀)

    Medical Top Team (메디컬 탑팀)

    A drama about the journey of creating Korea’s best multidisciplinary medical team and the stories of doctors inside. Characters who have different hurts and dilemmas struggle as they get to work together and gradually learn that healing a person is healing oneself.This drama will center around Paran Hospital's unpaid doctor Park Tae Shin, a skillful medical surgeon who has a warm heart but straightforward to

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  • My Blooming Life (내 생애 봄날)

    A human melodrama about a woman who received a heart transplant and a man who loved his late wife very much.Lee Bom Yi (Choi Soo Young) decided to live her life to the fullest as a token of gratitude for the donor. She then accidentally met Kang Dong Ha (Kam Woo Sung), a single father with two children, unaware that he was the husband of

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  • Romantic Doctor Kim (낭만닥터 김사부)

    Romantic Doctor Kim (낭만닥터 김사부)

    Dr. Kim was once a famous surgeon who decided to leave his former workplace to be in a small hospital. The oddball but genius doctor teaches the meaning of true doctors to Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jung, two young doctors who were passionate in their efforts, but only for their own selfish reasons.

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  • White Tower (하얀거탑)

    The story is about politics and power struggle among doctors at a hospital. Friends can switch allegiance and enemies can turn supportive in split seconds. Dr.Jang Joon Hyeok (Kim Myung Min) was an ambitious surgeon who wanted nothing more than to be the department head when his boss retired. His effort was frustrated by his boss Dr. Lee who brought in Dr.Noh Min Guk (Cha

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