So, you want to introduce your friends to the wonderful world of Korean Dramas. Here are a few tried and true steps to follow for a memorable evening...

1. Invite Close & New Friends

Sharing something that’s special to you can be a vulnerable but rewarding experience. Invite a combination of close and new friends for a unique icebreaker gettogether.


2. Create a Cozy Space

For a relaxed and easygoing evening, convert your media room (ie. living room, bedroom, studio apartment, etc.) into a cozy haven by pulling out extra blankets and pillows. For added ambience, dim the overhead lights and turn on lower wattage ambient lighting such as fairy lights or table lamps.

Not enough room on the couch for your guests? No problem! Move the coffee table out of the way and pile the pillows and blankets on the floor for additional informal seating.


3. Opt for Crowd-Pleasing Nibbles

Be kind to your guests and opt for classic movie treats, as opposed to foreign snacks.

If you're committed to staying on theme and want to include a selection of Korean snacks, be sure to provide a few safe alternatives for the less adventurous souls.


4. Watch the Show You LOVE

Skip the blockbuster hits and choose the Korean Drama you love the most.


5. Relax and Have Fun!

It's easy to forget to enjoy yourself when hosting an event. Take time to kick back and laugh with the people you care about as you share your life with them.