A Korean Odyssey (화유기) | Hwayugi

Romance • Horror • Comedy • Supernatural • Fantasy

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Since birth, Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) could see evil spirits. When she was a girl, she met two supernatural creatures - Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) and Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Ki). Twenty-five years later, a twist of fate puts the three together again.

Jin Sun Mi is now a wealthy, beautiful woman that has to handle demons getting in her way. Woo Hwi Chul is trying to get a promotion to God and Song Oh Gong is desperate to unseal his powers. Things get tangled when the legend of a human being with blood that can make any spirit incredibly powerful turns out to be true, and Song Oh Gong decides to eat that human while Woo Hwi Chul has to protect it.

This drama is a reinterpretation of the Chinese novel “Journey to the West” into present day with a romantic-fantasy twist.

(Adapted from DramaWiki)

Alternative Title: Hwayugi

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Content Advisory: TV-MA (Frightening Images)

Content Advisory: TV-MA (Frightening Images)