2018 KBS Drama Special (2018 드라마 스페셜)

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Forget the existing one-act dramas! Short but impactive! KBS Drama Special presents high-quality single episode dramas. Dramas are the broadcast content with the widest public appeal. KBS Drama Special will produce short dramas of far-reaching impact involving at times a serious social message, unique emotions or perspectives. It will stay abreast of modern viewership.

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Episode List | 2018 KBS Drama Special

  • So Close, Yet So Far (닿을 듯 말 듯)

    Young Joo (Park Yoo Na) is a member of the national female curling team. She begins to experience ringing in her ears and this causes her to become a substitute player. Young Joo travels back to her hometown. There, she meets Sung Chan (Kim Min Suk). Young Joo had a crush on him in the past. Sung Chan is a former member of the national

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  • The Expiration Date of You and Me (너와 나의 유효기간)

    In 2008, Hyun Soo (Shin Hyun Soo) and Seung Yeon (Lee Da In) meet as first-year students at their university's library. They join the chorus club together and build good memories together for a year. Ten years later, they meet again on the subway.

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  • My Mom's Third Marriage (엄마의 세 번째 결혼)

    A story of a mom who thought she knew everything about her daughter and a daughter who can't understand her mom.Oh Eun Soo (Lee Yeol Eum) is a university student. Her mother has divorced twice and Oh Eun Soo learns that her mother will marry again. Oh Eun Soo isn't happy about her mother's third marriage.

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  • The Long Goodbye (이토록 오랜 이별)

    They say our love has ended, like putting a period at the end. That’s why a farewell is in the past tense. “We broke up.” But actually, a farewell could be present progressive. As if you are frightened by the nearing farewell while looking at the face of your lover. Maybe, we are in the middle of bidding farewell. No, it could be that we

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  • Miss Kim's Mystery (미스김의 미스터리)

    This drama is about Ms. Kim (Kim Sa Dom), a mysterious girl and Mr. Lee (Kwon Hyuk Soo), a passionate new employee who hovers around her. They carry on the mission to find the industrial spy.

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  • Too Bright for Romance (너무 한낮의 연애)

    “How about today?," “I love you, even today.” 19 years have passed since then. I wanted to ask if you were doing well. But memories should be kept as memories. Wait, should memories be just kept as memories? Should they? Yang Hee (Choi Kang Hee) is a stage drama director. She gets tired from tough situations around her. One day, she meets Pil Yong (Go

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  • The Tuna and the Dolphin (참치와 돌고래)

    Kang Hyun Ho (Park Gyu Young) has never had a boyfriend in her life. She begins swimming lessons at a sports center. There, she develops a crush on Jo Woo Jin (Jung Gun Joo). Meanwhile, Han Yoo Ra (Yoon Park) is Kang Hyun Ho's swimming instructor. He develops feelings for her.

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  • Forgotten Season (잊혀진 계절)

    In order to escape from the tough life, people turn a blind eye to others, become slaves of money and hide the truth. They stay silent because making ends meet is too tough. We call these people “bystanders.” That season that comes back all the time but gives someone a hopeless dream. How far can someone turn a blind eye to and keep silent, in

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  • Review Notebook of My Embarrassing Days (나의 흑역사 오답노트)

    Everyone experiences trials and errors as one lives their life. Those trials and errors become one of the memories of embarrassing moments. Despite one’s strong resolution to not do it again, it happens again. Just like we used to make review notes to find the correct answer, we might be able to get a brighter future through embarrassing moments. A math teacher (Jun So Min)

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  • Dreamers (도피자들)

    I'm sure everyone has this experience. You had a happy dream but you don't remember it at all. Or you had a nightmare and it felt so real as if it was a reality. Or the reality was just so harsh that you just kept on sleeping. This story has been created for those people. This story follows individuals, including Ji Wook (Lee Hak Joo),

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